Addthis Google + alignment issues CSS update

Having alignment issues?...

OK so this title could have been much much longer as I should add that this article is for those of you not using the Addthis extension, but instead editing straight into the templates.

It is probably worth saying also that if you are editing straight into templates that you are probably think this is all very basic. Anyway. I had problems getting the Google share button to align in a row with the other buttons:

Addthis Google button <a href=playtors.com allignment” width=”350″ height=”73″ />

Much frustration ensued. Changing the Google version from “large” to “bubble” to “small” and back again without any online casino luck.

Anyway. The solution lies with adding an inline comment to the theme CSS. So assuming that you have added Angels of Victory offers home buy-detox.com that gets proven results. the relevant Addthis code to your template:

Addthis default code

Once you have this in the template of choice. Navigate to:


Then simply add the following to your file:

Addthis CSS update for Google

Clear cache and refresh the page containing the social buttons and you should have a nicely aligned list:

Addthis button alignment success

Hope this helps.


301 redirects with Screaming Frog &amp;amp;amp; SEOTools for Excel

Frog & Excel - together at last

So it’s been months, almost a year, a lifetime in blogging and a lifetime in life. Back in the UK for unforeseen reasons for a month or so and working a LOT. Anyway, had to work through a series of 301 redirects a few days ago on a non-CMS driven site and pulled a few tricks which I thought I would share.

Setting the scene

Client has changed a sub-folder name and individual page names, which as a result meant all URLs had changed, which obviously meant any links pointing at these pages will now 404. If it were just the subfolder you could easily add a mass server side rule; but as usual it never works like that… I needed to add 301’s to the old pages via IIS7.5 & IT (nightmare) and importantly check the 301’s had been implemented correctly.

Primary tools

Really it’s only two tools you need, unless you decide to only 301 the files with external links pointing to them in which case you can run a backlink report using OSE or similar, these are:
Screaming Frog
SEO tools for Excel

1. Download pages prior to update

Use ScreamingFrog to extract the files relating to the subfolder you are editing. You can either run the entire site or simply extract that specific folder. Using ScreamingFrog means that you will have a comprehensive list of all pages within subfolder-X, meaning nothing slips through the cracks. It is important to rip the site prior to any changes being made. I have been witness to developers with quick hands that resulted in hours of trawling through the waybackwhen machine, GWT & historical server logs…

Enter subfolder to rip part of the site

You will basically end up with online casino a CSV file which if sorted by address (I find it easier) will list all the pages you need to monitor.

Screaming frog will rip all files from subfolder X

2. Add the new file location

For this project the 301s were added by the in-house IT crowd, which meant that I had to provide a list of current and new URLs. Having mapped out the on-page online casino’s updates this was just a case of adding a column to the above spreadsheet with the new URLs.

3. Wait for IT to make the updates

I put the kettle on at this point.

4. Check the 301s were implemented correctly

Now I know you can run header checkers and trawl through GWT but for being able to best online casino instantly check any number page’s server status; SEOTools for Excel really is AMAZING. If you don’t currently have SEOTools installed then I really cannot stress how quickly you should install it.

NB: Remember to actually extract the installer etc from the .zip prior to running/installing or like me you won’t get very Iniziamo col presentare la lista dei migliori casino online legali oggi in Italia:?CasinoNomeBonusVoto1William Hill Casino100% fino a 600€9,5Visita !2Titan Bet Casino75% fino a 500€9,4Visita !3888 Casino50% fino a 500€9,1Visita !4Star CasinoFino a 1000€8,8Visita !5Paddy Casino100% fino a 350€8,2Visita ! Gioco su internet: normeLa legge italiana sul gioco online e molto rigida ed attenta, allo scopo di tutelare il piu possibile i giocatori. far.

SEOTools for Excel has been around for a while now but essentially is a large suite of invaluable SEO tools accessed via your Excel ad-ins panel:

SEOTools for Excel toolbar

Insert a column (I named it ‘status’) next to the URLs you want to check (obviously you can use any column but I like them being next to each other).

Insert status column

Open the ‘Onpage’ tab of SEOTools for Excel and select ‘HttpStatus”, ensuring that you have the cell into which you want the server response to be added selected:

SEOTools for Excel httpstatus function

Select the cell with the URL which you want to test the server status of and hit OK/return/88mph:

Select the URL you want to check with SEOTools for Excel

The formula should return you a server response code:

Excel server response code

You can then copy the formatting down through the rest of the URLs you want to check which will highlight how well or badly IT have added the redirects and dictate how urgently you need to make the necessary phone calls/emails:

Http response codes in Excel

I know it’s not cutting edge and you could use Screaming Frog for it all if you need but in my opinion the combination with SEOTools for Excel made the process much more immediate, visual and ultimately successful.


UK Search Awards Winner

Nick Williams wins UK Search Awards

So this is maybe four months later than I had promised myself I would post it; but an SEO campaign I have been working on for the last two years won the “Best SEO Campaign” at the 2011 You will run away online casino from leo weekly horoscope and Aquarius men. UK Search awards!

I hate to Slot Machines blow my own trumpet but recognition from peers is something really special. So so proud of the team at Verve Search with whome I online slots continue to work and casino online love. The awards came of the back of a full service search campaign which included:

- Site audit and technical SEO overhaul
- PPC campaign overhaul and management
- Full on-page optimisation
- Google Products feed creation, management and optimisation
- Extensive and on-going link building campaign

More than happy to discuss client, strategy and applications with anyone who wants to know. Just contact me via any one of the routes listed in the site footer.


The magic of Google Adwords impression share data

How many more impressions will I get...I know for a lot of you will be reading this thinking “sooo 2009″ and you would be right, impression share data has been available for a long time. However, for those of you reading this that aren”t familiar with “impression share” within Adwords you might walk away from here with a few new analytical angles of attack under your belt.

Let me set the scene. For most Adwords advertisers the thought of your ad showing for 100% of searches makes credit cards hide in dark places and the accounts team take a long lunch. For most of us it is just too expensive, but impression share information will allow you to know for what percentage of searches your ads were served.

Impression share figure in campaign bar

Reasons this knowledge is awesome

Firstly this info allows you to know exactly how much room you have for increases in spending. If you have strict ad scheduling you can easily determine via CTR and hopefully some sort of ecommerce/defined goal tracking a definitive ROI. If you flip this We have a growing list of all the latest video and retro slots as well as all the s4gambling.com/fi/ classics you”ve grown to love such as Blackjack and Roulette. PPC train into reverse; impression share information could also encourage you to create a new campaign or ad group. As if your current campaign is running at say 97% impression share, online casino there is very little point in throwing more cash at it (unless your goal is world domination) – in which case you should do some maths to work out what you need to make up the 3%…

Secondly, impression share data can give you accurate search volume figures! In a world where an accurate search volume is as seemingly hard to find as water on Cybertron; using impression figures Davidson… READ MOREThe Real Housewives of Orange County starLizzie Rovsekalready has two little boys with her husband Christian Rovsek, and a successful bikini line, Sun K… READ MOREHere comes the bride and her hungover sister!Kim Kardashian reveals Khloe Kardashian was a mess at her and Kanye West’s lavish Italian marriage ce… READ MOREShannon Beador called out Tamra Barney for being the fakest housewife on Real Housewives of Orange County, and now it looks like Lizzie Rovsek is joining … READ MOREIn an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Shannon Beador didnt hold back when a viewer asked her who she thought was the fakest housewife in her season … READ MOREShould Kendra and Hank stay together for the sake of their kids?got a tip? call (866) 667 – 2327 OR : Selena Gomez & justin-bieber-news.info Reunite For Her BirthdayFans showed their support for the mended friendship under the clip. combined with impression share will provide you with as accurate number as you will get outside of Google HQ.

Limitations of impression share

Right now I can hear hundreds (or probably 5 taking an average of analytics figures…) of you running off to your PPC accounts and trying to set impression share on every keyword across every ad group you can. The problem is unfortunately you can”t. Impression share is only available at a campaign level, meaning you will have to be creative with your application. How do I get individual keyword volume data then? The answer comes in two parts:

1. Use the Adwords keyword tool volumes compared to your impression numbers.
2. Create a new campaign specifically for each keyword/ad group

Neither of these options are ideal or IMHO relating to option 1. accurate , but they like all tips and ideas give you another method with which to attack your data.

How to track impression share data

Head to the campaigns tab >> once selected click on the columns button >> then click on the “customize columns” button >> check the “impression share” box within the “competitive metrics” column >> hit “save”. You are now ready to spend a lot of time looking at impression figures and concocting world dominating PPC schemes.

Google Adwords impression share checkbox

Made it to Texas and 1st weeks of freelancing

Sorry that this blog post isn’t anything more than a massive exhalation after the last couple of mad months. London is calling from a faraway place as I am now fully settled in Houston Texas, whilst a collection of increasingly random belongings float their way across the Atlantic… Once they arrive we can get our excited behinds over to Austin. I honestly can’t wait.

All I can say about my freelance work is casino jameshallison that it has taken off, then more freelance creatures have joined it and they have taken off as well. If beste online casino dgfev online casino I didn’t randomly bump into family members and occasionally leave the house for food I could be still in London. No complaints, I am LOVING the clients and the work.

Well. I made it through visas, renting out flats, transporting belongings and starting a business. Not too bad I recon.

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