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My name is Nick Thomas Williams, I am a freelance SEO consultant who lives in Austin, Texas – a long way from my hometown of Teddington, England. My freelance SEO services and specialisations include; PPC management, local search, Google Product feed optimizationlink building, conversion rate optimization (CRO) & Google Analytics.

I have worked in the digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) world for the last 10 years. Subsequently I have vast experience managing and obtaining results for global and local clients alike; across a whole host of sectors and markets. I am convinced I can help any business or individual get the targeted traffic they require, and have case studies to prove it.

I’m not just an SEO machine, like all men I love other things too; my wife and family, friends, Teddington, reading fantasy novels, taking bad photos to name but a few. This website contains bits and bobs of me, enough for you to get a good feel anyway. Have a snoop around… Ask me a question if you need.

Freelance SEO Austin

Search and digital marketing, especially digital project management are what I do. Find out a little more about my experience in these fields and my approach to each. Learn More»


I write about a lot of different topics. SEO, digital marketing, IA, usability, and photography take the lead. But I also like to throw in ramblings about fantasy novels and guitars. Learn More»


I don't profess to being a good photographer. But I do love taking photos of pretty much everything; which surely is the point isn't it... Learn More»
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